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From PA1688 to PA6488 - Web Interface
Jan 9, 2010
Web interface was not so widely as today when we were developing PA1688. I still remember that we had to explain a lot to some users why we did not provide serial port configuration as other devices. I also remember that we implemented a telnet interface in early versions of PA1688 software, because we were all using telnet to visit bbs at that time. We did not spend much time on the look of the PA1688 web interface, and it is looks ugly for most of the users.
An engineer in Huawei3Com thought it was ugly too and tried to improve. After he knew that PA1688's built-in web server can only provide one file, he implemented a better look one using a little javascript. This is where today's AR1688 web interface comes from. The javascript was obviously written for IE. So AR1688 web interface looks a little strange for Firefox and Chrome users.
With almost unlimited resources for PA6488 web interface. It finally becomes a normal one, just looks like my home page today. I believe that there will be user with professional web design experience to develop a much better one based on PA6488 API in the future. And we can move on with it then.

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