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From PA1688 to PA6488 - UART Function in Product Evolution
Apr 11, 2011
Although today there are still UART options in PalmTool, we only used PA1688 UART in very early debug stage. We refused to use UART for configuration based on cost. We are always ready to save extra parts for the simplest BOM, among them were the MAX232 chip to do voltage convert to match PC UART, and the 93C46 chip to work with RTL8019AS.
In late 2007, two different customers found AR1688 UART pins used as GPIO for keys from our hardware schematics, and suggested to use UART as a control interface for AR168M VoIP module almost at the same time. Since that time our module solution business began, and in 2010 it had become the major part in our AR1688 sales.
Because of the small success with VoIP module, we are designing the first PA6488 solution based product PA648C as module controlled by UART too. And we are also still using the same high level UI protocols, so we can use the same 8051 demo hardware and software.
PA6488 and X-Lite fish demo via WiFi Ethernet bridge

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