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H.263 Compatibility
May 24, 2011
There were 34 students in our undergraduate class, and currently 3 of them are working in Marvell. Although it is less than the record of 5 working in the original Palmmicro founded by Dr Wang, it is now the top destination of mine when I visit silicon valley because I can find more classmates there.
I was in Marvell one evening on last April. The guy used to sleep on the upper level of my bed during our undergraduate years got very excited, besides inviting the other 2 classmates, he also called more others from the same university to a large conference room. There I met one who we worked together on H.263 in the same lab in 1997. We had not seen each other for 13 years. To my surprise, when I asked what he was working on, he told me the old name H.263. Although everybody had H.264, their customers still asking old H.263 support and he had to do it again.
On last Dec, when I heard from one working in D2 that they would provide a video and voice over IP software phone for a 4G carrier this year, I immediately tried to test it with our PA6488 solution. However, we can not do a successful test because the service provider only need H.263 in the software phone, and we had only put H.264 in our original task list.
In this year, when we are closing to product release, we are also receiving more and more H.263 requirements from potential users. I had to find out my 1997 backup CDROM and implemented H.263 on PA6488 again. Anyway, I am glad that I have done it so easily in a short time, obviously I have made some real progress in the past 14 years!

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