The Untold Story of Jan, Sing and Wang (Translation)

Nov 23, 2006
Original work is always difficult. After reading an article by Mr Sun today, I decided to translate it from Chinese into English in the following.
Name: The untold story of Jan, Sing and Wang - Chinese VoIP pioneers
It is a huge mistake to blame that Chinese can only play with open source software in VoIP fields. Actually, several Chinese had done successfully in the hardware terminal market, and are still shaping the overall market today. And those pioneers also have special personal relationship. Let us read the following three career path story:
Chi-Shin Wang
1976-1981: Work in HP
1981-1986: Founder of Weitek, Vice President of Engineering, Weitek went public in 1997
1987-1995: Founder of 8x8 (with Sing), CEO, President, 8x8 went public in 1998
1995-1996: Founder of Videocore (With Jan), CTO
1996-1999: Videocore acquired by ESS, work in ESS as CTO
1999-now: Founder of Centrality, original CEO and currently CTO
Dr Wang received his Ph.D from Stanford, Master degree from California Institute of Technology and Bachelor degree from Taiwan National Univ.
Y.W. Sing
1979-1981: Work in HP
1981-1987: Work in Weitek
1987-1995: Founder of 8x8, Vice President of Engineering, Executive Vice President, Vice Chairman of the Board
?-now: Founder of Tigerjet
Mr Sing received his Master degree from University of California at Berkeley and Bachelor degree from Taiwan National Univ.
Jan Fandrianto
?-?: Work in HP
?-?: Work in Weitek
1987-1995: Work in 8x8
1995-1996: Founder of Videocore, CEO
1996-1999: Videocore acquired by ESS, VP of ESS
1999-2000: Founder of Komodo, CEO
2000-200?: Komodo acquired by Cisco for 125 millons USD, work in Cisco
2003-now: Founder of Sipura, acquired by Cisco for 68 millons USD in 2005
Mr Fandrianto received his Master degree from Stanford and Bachelor degree from University of California at Berkeley.
1. Wang and Sing received Bachelor degree from the same Taiwan National Univ
2. Sing received his Master degree and Jan received his Bachelor degree both from UC Berkeley
3. Wang received his Ph.D and Jan received his master degree both from Stanford
4. All of the three worked in HP for some time
5. After Wang founded Weitek, Sing and Jan all went to work in Weitek
6. After Wang and Sing founded 8x8, Jan went to work in 8x8
7. Then Wang and Jan founded Videocore
8. After ESS acquired Videocore, Wang and Jan went to work in ESS
9. The three of them work unrelated after all above
To understand what is so special about their achievement in VoIP, you need to read further below.
8x8: Video conference chip and terminal are its major business, in 2002 it developed T2U, the first single chip VOIP terminal solution, T2U was sold to Myson in Taiwan in 2004, and today it is call Myson CS6220. 8x8 itself has involved into a VoIP service company, packet8
ESS: One of the largest VCD/DVD chip supplier in the world. Komodo's ATA186, and now Sipura, Linksys and some low-end Cisco IP phones are all based on the cheap (as low as 1 USD) VCD/DVD chip from ESS.
Komodo, Sipura: The most successful voice gateway company, Jan sells his company to Cisco twice, the first time is H.323 and the second time is SIP.
Centrality: The famous PA1688 chip developer, need further introduction?
Tigerjet: The first VoIP hardware terminal product, Quicknet PCI card used chip from Tigerjet. And the first USB phone chip provider. All Digium cards use Tigerjet chips today. When Intel provides its first VoIP card, it also uses old TJ320 from Tigerjet
-End of original article.
Li Jing, the author of this article ATCOM Mr Sun and me.
Li Jing, Sun Yanhong and me in central park, NYC.

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