Palmmicro MAC Address

Nov 14, 2009
PA1688 related enquiry is gradually faded out over the years. The question style is also changing. Instead of I opened the box and saw a PA1688PQ chip there, now most of the questions start with I have a device with MAC address 00-09-45-xx-xx-xx which is registered by your company.
I always answer please send pictures of your device, with views from both outside and inside. Actually none of those device with Palmmicro MAC is related with any Palmmicro products. I guess some old PA1688 manufacturers are still using 00-09-45 MAC on their TI and Infineon chip based VoIP products.
Also I have to say that 00-09-45 MAC is not related with us any more since about 4 years ago. Instead, we applied 00-18-1f-xx-xx-xx MAC address from IEEE for new Palmmicro products. This is why the default MAC in safe mode for PA1688 devices is 00-09-45-00-00-00, and the default MAC in safe mode for AR1688 and PA6488 devices is 00-18-1f-00-00-00.
A typical PA1688 00-09-45 MAC address on an Infineon 21553 IP phone.

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