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The History of Palmmicro.com.cn
March 30, 2010
In 2001, palmmicro.com.cn was first used by Palmmicro Shanghai office, which is now part of CSR.
As the original Palmmicro changed its name to Centrality in 2002, palmmicro.com.cn expired in 2003.
On Feb 23, 2004, I registered the domain again, redirected it to aredfox.com, using as our Chinese web site. For many years a lot of normal company web sites like palmmicro.com can not be visited from China, and we have to run a separate web site in China for our customers.
On Sep 10, 2008, we discontinued aredfox.com service and began to use palmmicro.com.cn as our Chinese web site.
On Feb 23, 2010, after more than a year successful visited history of palmmicro.com from China, we decided to discontinue palmmicro.com.cn, and focus our web on Palmmicro.com.
The old support@palmmicro.com.cn email also discontinued, please write to support@palmmicro.com to contact us now.

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