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Apr 27, 2010
On last Friday, Apr 23, two months exactly after we discontinued our Chinese web site service, our technical only web site was blocked in mainland China again. People in US and Hongkong (A special Chinese region where normal Chinese like me need to enter with special permit) can still visit it, but in China users will get error information like The server at is taking too long to respond.
Today, after 5 days of blocking, things are still the same. I checked the current server IP address, which is
We have no plan to build another website inside China again, for Chinese users who can not access our web resources, please write email to to get all information. Fortunately the email service is still working, as it always does.

Blocked IP Collection

Aug 13, 2010
It is the 110th day since was blocked in China. I still can not visit it from Beijing. However, I found the server had moved it to a new IP address:
The official name of the blocking system is called GFW, the Great Fire Wall of China, this is why I am putting the images of the Great Wall of China here.
Beijing Simatai part of the Great Wall of China

On September 14, 1987, a computer laboratory in Beijing successfully sent an email that said, "Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner of the world." The message was sent to a German university.

Independence Day

July 5, 2011
I have not tried to visit from China for a long time because I think it is hopeless. As near as on the glorious day of July 1, a large number of websites including my favorite were blocked in China, and set free on the next day.
I am surprised to see a palmmicro registeration email from today because it is from a Beijing university. Then I visited in Changsha successfully, as I expected after receiving the email, is set free in China now.
My first guess for the unblock reason was because of Independence Day, then I thought it might be the result of a general free movement after July 1. After I checked with, I found the real reason, Yahoo Web Hosting moved to a new IP address sometime earlier.
Over the past year when is blocked, I have collected 4 IP in the black list:,, and I never believe IPv6 is necessary, especially in China, we can simple reuse those IP in the black list.

Blocked Again

Sep 8, 2012
Last Thursday I found that I can not visit again in my Shenzhen office. Tools like tracert and ping showed that its IP was moved to address, which is blocked in China. Add a table below for more records in the future.
Date Blocked IP Unblocked IP
Apr 23, 2010
Aug 13, 2010
July 5, 2011
Sep 6, 2012
Dec 5, 2013


Dec 5, 2013
Moved to unblocked IP, cheers! Updated the table above.
Woody sit on Beijing Simatai part of the Great Wall of China

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