The Backup of Dynamic DNS

March 7, 2016
Palmmicro internal server used the free Dynamic DNS provided by for over 10 years. Recently it is working very strange, the IP resolved would always be the wrong IP from previous connection, I do not know if it is a way to push us to use its paid service began in recently years or not. Any way, it is preventing our test IP-PBX and developing Source Safe from working smoothly.
To continue seeking the free service from internet, I studied the DDNS service provider in China. Most of their service are paid too, but every account can still have one free DDNS record.
The most famous is tricky, after registraion it generated my free DDNS automatically, and I can never change it again.
PubYun is better, allowed me to add the palmmicro prefix:
We are using this 2 Chinese free DDNS for backup for the moment.

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