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PA168S IP Phone
PA168S is the most widely used PA1688 standard software and hardware reference design. More than 20 manufacturers had made this model with different phone cases, here is a typical example.
Web manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP. Menu manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP. Telnet manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP.
Front. Large
Back. Large
PCB. Large
The MX program flash chip reads MX E055219 29LVG008CTTC-70G 2N176500 TAIWAN, this is a major difference compared with our other standard IP phone reference designs.
The shortage of program flash market in 2004 brought us the result of PA168T reference design, which used MT28F016 program flash and never exceeded the popularity of PA168S. It was a big mistake to design PA168T, we should put more time and effort on new products instead of modifying the old.
And there was another old question, why we need differnce upgrade file only because program flash is changed? Usually we answered it was because the internal upgrade memory in PA1688 is not big enough. It was true, however, the more fundamental reason is that we were not as experienced in embeded programming as we are now.
Full internal view. Large
Above pictures taken by Perman.
Following 5 pictures provided by Najeeras. It is a PA168S with only 1 RJ45 port. The software is the same as all PA1688 software are not ethernet switch related.
Front, very similar with Primeworx P100. Large
Back, only need 300mA (vs 500mA in above example) power supply because it does not have ethernet switch chip inside. Large
LCD and key. Large
PCB. Large
PCB details. Large