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AR168R RoIP Module
AR168R is the actual example of AR168M VoIP module used in Radio over IP market.
Special attension to users in Brazil: REMOTA TECNOLOGIA owns exclusivity in Brazil for this AR168R Radio over IP design, please contact with them directly. We will NOT receive other RoIP orders from Brazil.

Special OEM_REMOTA RoIP upgrade file is like ar168r_sip_us_remota_063004.bin. Its web server uses port 88, need to access it by
Normal RoIP upgrade file is like ar168r_sip_us_057060.bin.
AR168R can also be used as a basic AR168M module by using OEM_UART compile option. For example, upgrade file name like ar168r_sip_us_uart_057037.bin is to use AR168R as AR168M.
Quick Start:
1) Config AR168R to use Palmmicro PBX test number 222 as in example roip_sip_us.html settings.
2) Press SW1 key (near RJ45) to dial out 223 saved in Hot Line Number settings.
3) Press SW1 key to answer an incoming call, or use Auto Answer option in settings.
Familiar with Board Connectors and Jumpers:
1) A 2x16 character LCD is connected to J3.
2) J4(RED) MIC is only used when AR168R used as AR168M, like AR168M itself, voice communication might get lost if the UART of an external controller is not connected on J7(DB9). With normal RoIP, the audio input must use ELINEIN0 signal on J6 or J7(DB9).
3) When a headset is plugged in J5(GREEN) jack, the AUDIOOUT signal on J6 and J7(DB9) will not work, this is done by hardware.
4) By default the jumper on J6 is over pin 21(GPIOB4) and pin 22(GPIOB5). Our standard software sets GPIOB4 as output LOW, and sets GPIOB5 as input, so GPIOB5 read as LOW too. When jumper is over pin 24(GPIOA0) and pin 22(GPIOB5), as out standard software sets GPIOA0 as ringing and talking LED(D2) indication output, GPIOB5 will read as HIGH when not in a call. When jumper is over pin 11(GND) and pin 13(GPIOC2), the board will stay in safe mode after power up.
5) J8 uses the same 5V 500mA power supply as GP1266 IP phone.
LEDs (near J8):
1) D1, power up on.
2) D3, connected with GPIOA2, on after logon ok.
3) D2, connected with GPIOA0, blink when ringing, on after call connected, off when not in a call.
Special Settings:
1) When VAD option disabled, we use SIP MESSAGE method to send PTT/COR signal, as in example iptel_sip_us.html settings.
2) When GPIOB5 is HIGH (either pull to 3.3v or just use jumper connected with GPIOA0), we will enter an always connected mode. When Auto Answer option disabled, AR168R will automatically dial out the number in Hot Line Number after logon, and keep trying in every 30 seconds.
Special Behaviour:
1) If AR168R web is accessed during a call, the call will be automatically disconnected.
2) If one party of a call is talking continuously for more than 30 seconds, the COR status will be automatically changed to allow the other party to talk.
Comparison table of AR1688 RoIP modules:
Hardware Type Ethernet Program Flash Support(*) 2x16 LCD (**) Sending PTT via
AR168RT KSZ8842 MT28F016S5 No RFC 2833
(*) Can be changed by LCD_HY1602 define in version.h, but need update special safe mode file from us, because LcdInit function is called in safe mode.
(**) Can be changed by PTT_RFC2833 define in version.h.
Download a video by Miguel Wisintainer.
AR168R special version for REMOTA TECNOLOGIA. Large
Special AR168R RoIP module for REMOTA TECNOLOGIA in Brazil.
AR168R silk screen.